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Balance and Power, Inc.

Balance and Power, Inc.
Eileen Lichtenstein
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Eileen is a C-Level Executive Coach, Certified Anger Management Specialist, EFT tapping practitioner and Author  of “SOAR! with Resilience”(R). 

She is a Peak Performance Success Coach for Your Life, Career and Family.

Eileen helps individuals, teams and groups who want to be more productive, successful and happy in professional and personal areas. Her office is in Uniondale, Long Island, does video skype, phone and on site coaching. She has worked within corporate, educational, medical environments with numerous populations.

Anger Management Groups (Including Court Mandated) and Parenting Skills Programs (Parent-Centered Coaching). Small group classes and one on one coaching.

Specialties: Certified Anger Management Specialist (recognized US courts) , Stress, Relationship, Communication, Life, Career,Transition Coaching, EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques), Meditation.

She also facilitates presentations and trainings onsite at corporations and non-profits.