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The Crisis Planner

The Crisis Planner
Linda Fostek

Linda Fostek is an International Speaker, Author and Consultant on a mission to empower others to get off the Worry-go-round and become their own Master of Disaster. 

Linda knows first-hand how preparation and planning allows companies and individuals to navigate through and thrive when blindsided by life. 

Linda brings her expertise, kind heart and compassion together guiding others through planning for the inevitable disasters be they personal or natural. Inspired by her late father, Norbert Osiecki, Linda, carries on his legacy through her recent books And Now What? and Shit Happens.

Her passion for networking resulted in the release of her Amazon best selling book Love/Hate Networking and being named 2017 Networker of the year by 516/631 Ads a prominent Long Island Networking resource.

Linda is the co-leader of two chapters of Women’s Prosperity Network, Certified Speaker, and member of The One Philosophy Founders Circle