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Meet the Team

Vicki Ellner

Chief Collaborator/Strategic Planning

Liza Micheva


Karen Bomzer

Advisory Council Co-Chair

Marcia Isman

Membership Committee

Stella Shieh

Cultural Marketing Committee


Sue Glenn

Advisory Council Co-Chair

Carol Leitner

Community Outreach

Robin Gorman Newman


Membership Committee

Greet and sign in members and guests at events, oversee member directory, retain and solicit new members, work with Membership director to maintain membership list.

Community Outreach Committee

Search community events for IBWC participation, spread the word about IBWC by posting/emailing flyers, explore ways to liaison with other organizations.

Programming Committee

Seek and recruit dynamic and interesting speakers appropriate to IBWC’s mission and make announcements at meetings.

Sponsorship Committee

Conceive fundraising ideas, create a plan and contact/secure appropriate corporate sponsors.

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