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Healthy Living Networking

Healthy Living Networking
Joanne Lauro

Joanne is a Certified Health Coach, wife and mother of two sons. She decided to become a health coach to fulfill her passion of working with people to improve their health and family life. Joanne received her training at Integrative Nutrition in New York City. She is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and has obtained Continuing Education Units from Purchase College, State University of New York. Joanne leads workshops on nutrition and offers individual counseling and wellness and weight support groups for eating healthy and creating a lifestyle change for overall wellbeing. She has a passion for helping people who are suffering with health discomforts; obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, stomach issues and cancer to name a few.

Joanne is also the Director of Nutrition at the Community Growth Center,  a not-for-profit Holistic Health Center for Self-Discovery and Contemplative Healing.