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The Calm and Creativity Connector

The Calm and Creativity Connector
MarciaGrace Tropin
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MarciaGrace is a life-long seeker of the world’s wisdom, and passionate about sharing what she learned with others. We all deserve happiness but may not know how to achieve it.

For more than 35 years she’s been teaching what many consider to be the seminal metaphysical discipline of this age, A Course in Miracles. The goal of ACIM is PEACE in all our relationships, 24/7! In her weekly online classes, students read and discuss the meaning of the material, and how to apply it in daily life. Also, she is the Author of Calm, Creative, Joyful: Lessons in Transforming Your Life, based on the teachings of ACIM.

Several years ago she developed a daily system to bring calm and creativity to the busy business person’s mind. She calls it Unveiling the Heart because it enables you to remove the cover which prevents your unique brilliance and inner loving calm from shining. The deep and expansive benefits she’s received from this practice have propelled her to teach it so that YOU might have a more creative and peaceful daily experience.

Being calm and creative is hergoal and in that vein, MarciaGrace has put together a series of 8-10 minute Guided Meditations to support those who are beginning or want to begin their inner journey of self discovery and peace of mind.