Lizaalk Designs

Liza Micheva
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Liza Micheva has two masters degrees and successful careers in both technology and education. She also has a passion for self-expression through the visual arts- particularly with colors. 

Being a full time mother of two daughters (and a new granddaughter) has allowed her the freedom to explore her passions. She was able to focus her work studying the latest innovations in technology to create graphic art printed on metal and metallic photo paper, 3D printing and jewelry design. The love for both her young daughter and her grown daughter has inspired her to design unique earrings and necklaces for children and adults. Some of her most popular one of a kind, hand made kids jewelry pieces include fun hanging earrings that jingle. She also creates abstract art and transfers the resulting artwork to light weight, extremely durable, and vibrant pendant necklaces and earrings. Liza is presently looking to expand her collection and find new avenues for showcasing and selling both her art and jewelry.